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Lightning-Pass Driving School Hull........ TEL: 07717203587

Driving Lesson Assessment Hull, booking an Intensive Driving Course in February. Premier Driving School Lessons, Hull and surrounding area. Safe Driving for Life

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  • 10-hours This intensive driving course is suitable for those who have recently failed a driving test or for people who are nearing test standard. This course is normally spread over 3 or 4 days prior to the test.
  • 20-hours The 20-hour intensive driving course is recommended for people who have had some experience of driving and have mastered the basic skills required, but just need to polish up their manoeuvres and general driving.
  • 30-hours This intensive driving course is recommended for confident people who know the basics and who have very little driving experience. It covers mainly people in the age group from 17 to 23.
  • 40-hours This intensive driving course is designed for the complete beginner. Most people will achieve a high standard of driving and will normally be ready for their PRACTICAL driving tests after completing this course which covers the whole DSA syllabus.
  • NOTE: If you are a nervous person you may require more lessons on top of the 40 hours
  • Book an Assessment Lesson for 1.5hrs if in any doubt to determine how many hours is right for your individual requirements.

10, 20, 30, 40HR Intensive / Crash Course Syllabus.



Idealy you need to pass your theory test before you start your Intensive course, then we can book your practical test for the last day of your course*

Lessons are carried out in 6 hour days split with 1/2 hour breaks every 2 hour lessons.

The course is split into 3 stages that cover all the topics that need to be learned in order to pass the driving test. There are 22 items altogether, we have about 50 minutes to spend on each topic, however your course is adaptable, we will spend less time on the topics you are good at and more time on the topics which require a little more practice.

*Subject to local test centre times and availability.

Stage 1


  1. Controls
  2. Moving away
  3. Stopping
  4. Hill starts
  5. Turning left
  6. Turning right
  7. T junctions
  8. Crossroad’s

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Move away under control
  • Build up your speed to 30 mph using all the gears at the correct time.
  • Carry out simply left & right turns
  • Deal with simple T junctions safely

Stage 2


  1. Turn in the road
  2. Reverse round a corner
  3. Reverse & bay parking
  4. Meeting situations
  5. Difficult left turns
  6. Difficult right turns
  7. Difficult T junctions
  8. Difficult crossroad’s

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Control the car at slow speeds
  • Do the turn in the road, reverse round a corner & reverse park under control & accurately
  • Carry out difficult left & right turns
  • Deal with difficult T junctions
  • Use reasonable judgement in meeting situations and emerging from junctions

Stage 3


  1. Emergency stop & use of mirrors
  2. Pedestrian crossings & use of signals
  3. Overtaking
  4. Dual carriageways

At the end of this stage you should be able to carry out the following without any help from your instructor:

  • Stop the vehicle in an emergency under full control
  • Deal with pedestrian crossing safely
  • Show awarenes and anticipation when approaching pedestrian crossings and cyclists
  • Make progress by driving at a speed appropriate to the road conditions