Great.. you’ve passed your driving test, you can finaly drive on your own.
But it doesn’t stop there. Lightning-pass Driving school of Hull can still help.
Pass Plus can give you that extra training to build your confidence and existing skills with no test at the end.

Whats more, this will usually entitle you to a discount off your (car insurance*).

Thousands of new drivers are enjoying the benefits of Pass Plus – from help with your first trip down a motorway to driving on rural roads and different weather conditions.
The structured syllabus gives you the extra experience you need at a time when you’re most likely to have an accident and the amount you save on the insurance could cover the cost of the training!
So what are you waiting for?
Every day in Britain, 2 under 25s die in road accidents.
(*Subject to status. Check available discounts with insurance companies taking part in PassPlus).