Terms & Conditions

  1. For discounts all monies must be paid in advance in full or lessons will revert to normal hourly rates.
  2. The client must give 48hrs notice to cancel any lessons booked into the diary or the price of the lessons cancelled will be charged.
  3. The client can change a booked lesson without any loss as long as 48hrs notice is given (2 weeks for intensive courses).
  4. If a client is on a intensive course and has not reached test standard within a specified time the instructor has the right to refuse the use of the car for the test and the fee will be lost.
  5. Lightning-pass accept no responsibility for candidates arriving at the theory test centre at the wrong time or without the correct documentation.
  6. The instructor will advise clients when to apply for their practical test, taking into account local waiting times and forecast of clients potential for achieving test pass standard. (excludes intensive courses).
  7. The instructor will not arrange a test without the clients agreement.
  8. Any monies payed in advance to the instructor for lessons must be used within 3 months else the lessons will be lost, unless written permission to the contrary is received from lightningpass to get this within the 3 month period.
  9. Any deposit paid for pre booking lessons or intensive courses is non-refundable.
  10. Two weeks notice must be given to cancel an intensive course or the full fee for that course will be liable by the pupil.
  11. Any bridge tolls or speeding tickets on lessons are the responsibility of the pupil to pay.

If you agree to have Driving Lessons or a Driving Course with Lightning-Pass you are also agreeing to the school’s terms and conditions above. It is your responsibility to read and fully understand them so please make sure you do so, in advance of any booking.